Hire vetted remote 💪 developers & designers

We will find top-tier nearshore talent for your project while working from our HQ in Colombia. The team is fully managed by you.


We connect and support you with the right experts that will set your project up for success.

We will find top-tier nearshore talent for your project while working from our HQ in Colombia. You can ramp up/down your team as your needs change and never worry about management, HR or retention. The team is fully managed by you.

Why hire through Gtech?

01. First-class Developers

Get access to Colombia’s top talent pool. Each candidate is rigorously vetted so we can offer you the best IT specialists.

02. In your time zone

Our developers work in the same time zone as our partners. This will result in greater availability, productivity and efficiency in your processes.

03. Quick ramp-up

Our team of experts recruits developers and designers for your project. Our partners will receive vetted candidates within 72 hours, with a 90% hiring rate.

04. Flat fees

We work with flat monthly rates, so our partners don’t need to worry about hidden fees or hourly billing.


How it works

1. Job description

We book a call to get to know your project, requirements and needs.

2. Candidate sourcing

We share a list of first-rate candidates with the skills required for your project within 72 to 96 hours.

3. Selection process

Interview and select the candidate(s) you like the most, and align with your project needs.

4. Onboard and start

Onboard your new team member(s) into your project and culture. As soon as they are settled, they can start with their first tasks.

Find the
right experts
for the job

😄 Frontend

Wordpress Developers     WordPress Developers

React Developers     React Developers

Webpack Developers     Webpack Developers

Vue Js Developers     Vue Js Developers

JQuery Developers     JQuery Developers

Sass Developers     Sass Developers

🤓 Backend

NodeJS Developers     NodeJS Developers

PHP Developers     PHP Developers

AWS DevOps     AWS DevOps

😎 Designers

User Experience Designers     User Experience Designers

User Interface Designers     User Interface Designers

Mobile Designers     Mobile Designers

Visual Designers     Visual Designers

Illustrators     Illustrators

Let’s build an amazing team together!